A big part of helping new converts become disciples involves the ministry of the teacher...but what exactly are teachers supposed to do?

In order to answer that question, Redeeming Love Seminars, Inc. has a Discipleship Orientation podcast available on their website ( to build a bridge between the work of the evangelist and the work of the teacher.

Its purpose is to help new converts to Christianity become mentally prepared for "The Seven Tasks of the Teacher."

If you want to help people begin preparing for the discipleship process, Redeeming Love Online has a short blog post that outlines some simple steps you can take to get started on your own or you can recommend to someone you see struggling and want to help.

The blog post is titled "A Simple Guide To Godly Living" at on the Discipleship, Phase One page of the website, and we have another book and song to recommend to you!

Those of you who like reading, we recommend getting a copy of "The Lord's Work Done In The Lord's Way" by K. P. Yohannan. This little book is perfect for new converts.

Since discipleship can be difficult when you are just getting started, we want to recommend a song titled "We Are Not As Strong As We Think We Are" by Rich Mullins when you want to celebrate the Discipleship process.

There are 3 YouTube videos that others have made which are closely related to the Discipleship Orientation and "The Seven Tasks of the Teacher" we want to recommend you watch sometime as well.

Here is what you need to type in the YouTube search engine:

Selling Jesus "Christian Consumerism" (White Horse Inn)

The State of Evangelicalism Today and Christless Christianity (R. C. Sproul and Michael Horton)

10 Indictments Against the Modern Church in America - Paul Washer

The first two videos are about 1 hour each, and the third one by Paul Washer is right at the 2 hour mark (OUCH!) but its definitely worth listening too, even if you have to take his 10 point outline in 10 small parts.

That's all the redeeming love we have to share at this point, but there is always the next step!

The next step: ☀