Discipleship and God is a 5 part podcast series that will be available soon at that deals with who God is, which Sam Dean considers to be the Second Task of the Teacher in the Discipleship process.

The Second Task of the Teacher is help new converts become familiar with who God is, and we have some resources that others have made which we want to recommend to anyone who wants to help new converts nurture their new faith.

Now that the Discipleship and God podcasts are available at, we can let you know what resources we recommend for those helping new converts to nurture this aspect of their faith.

There is a book we recommend, and its name is "Unveiling Grace" by Lynn K. Wilder. When Lynn was in college, two Mormon missionaries came to their door, and Lynn and her husband began a 30 year journey into Mormonism, even moving to Salt Lake City, Utah and working near the top level of the Mormon Church.

Then while her youngest son (Micah) was on a two year missionary trip, she got a call from him saying that he was coming home early because Micah had met a Baptist pastor, and converted to Christianity. This book "Unveiling Grace" tells the story of how his conversion started a process that led his entire family to leave the Mormon Church to be Christians!

As for Youtube videos, we actually could not find any we recommend that are closely related to the content of the Discipleship and God podcasts, so we decided to share a video that explains why we could not find anything to recommend at this point!

You can find the video by searching for:

The Downgrade Controversy (John Macarthur)

I also have two songs you can find on Youtube to recommend as well:

Then They Will Know by Michael Card

 Michael W. Smith - Awesome God

Note: For the second one by Michael W. Smith, make sure you click on the video by Faithchannelonline!


That is all the resources Redeeming Love Online has to share at this point, unless you take the next step!

The Next Step: