How can I make new converts to Christianity?

That is a question I hope you are asking, because without it, the Church cannot reach its full potential!

In order to help people who want to do evangelism work in America, or places influenced by American culture, Redeeming Love Seminars, Inc.'s website ( has two resources to share!

The first one is a podcast titled "The Message of Christianity!"

The Message of Christianity was written and recorded to help Christians who want to work in evangelism but are not sure what to say to Americans and people being influenced by American culture overseas in order to get the job done.

The podcast is available to listen to for free, so if you are not sure what to say, take the time to stop and listen!

The second resource is blog post titled "Being Born Again" on our website's official blog "How To Serve The Lord."

Being Born Again offers a short 3 point outline to point out some practical mistakes people make in evangelism work when an opportunity appears, and the points may sound strange, but they will make sense when you try to reach people with the Gospel.

For those who like reading, and want to hear someone else recommend the importance of what you can hear in "The Message of Christianity" podcast and the "Being Born Again" blog post, I have a book to recommend to you!

The name of the book is "The Christ Centered Preaching of Martyn Lloyd Jones."

To be more specific, this book contains a sermon from 1969 titled "No Substitute" that Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones preached while he was alive.

Also, I have a song to recommend that can help you worship as an aspiring evangelist!

The name of the song is "Could It Be" by Michael Card. You can find it on YouTube - someone made a lyrics video available there for others that can help you learn the song! While I am thinking about YouTube, I also have a sermon excerpt video closely related to "The Message of Christianity" podcast.

The sermon excerpt video is 9 minutes long, and you can find it by typing this into YouTube's search engine:

Paul Washer: Testimony of a Dying Man's Conversion

While I am thinking about conversion, I have one more to share with aspiring evangelists...we have a page we set up here organize prayer rallies! You can find the page here:

Well, that is all of the redeeming help. That's all the help available to aspiring evangelists right now at!

Now that you know about all the resources Redeeming Love Online has for making new converts to Christianity, we can begin to look at the process of making disciples by taking the next step!

The Next Step: ☀